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Photography has been part of my life from very early on.

My dad introduced me to it as I was only nine and I used to see him with a camera on hand at all times, No wonder I married a professional photographer. Through the years besides shooting for pleasure, I learned a lot working along with Todd from editing, retouching, framing to shooting with him on many occasions. 

He has always told me that I have a "great eye", I catch great moments.


So after becoming a mom I naturally started shooting my son, like all parents do and soon realized how much my pregnancy and motherhood had shaken me and inspired me.


After two years of witnessing every one of his movements but also some of his friends, I decided to take the jump thanks to my husband support and started BRUNCH photography.


Why Brunch?

Well first it sounds good, everyone loves brunch! Plus I often shoot families on weekends during brunch hours when kids are at their
most fun.



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